other competitions
powerpoint demo
  • Create a self-running presentation (without user interaction)
  • Include music if you want
  • You're allowed to use VBA for editing splines/shapes but you're not allowed to use any extension available through VBA that is not directly related to Powerpoint. In other words: Your demo should at least look a little bit like it has been made with Powerpoint (or Impress, of course).
  • Allowed platforms: Microsoft Powerpoint, OpenOffice/StarOffice Impress
  • We might possibly capture your entry to keep it at the speed you designed it - capturing will take place on your machine, either with a screen video grabber or recording it to video.
the famous ohp competition
  • We offer an OHP and you do the production for it
  • Don't exceed 6 minutes playing time
  • You're allowed to do whatever you want, except for the use of OHP-LCD screens and the like
  • There will be material available at Buenzli to create an entry, but you're asked to prepare everything at home
  • Bring the music you want being played during you perform your entry with you, either as Audio CD or as PC-playable track.
  • What is it? Download last year's entries from scene.org
surprise competition
  • The topic will be announced during the party
  • You'll have enough time to contribute with your own fast made entry
fun competitions
Various fun-competitions and other entertainment act will be held during the party, so stay prepared!
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