behind the scenes: the buenzli organizer team

Unlock/Vantage/Padua - Andry Joos
Main organizer, PR, marketing, website, responsible for it all...
Robocop/Atlantis - Daniel Schröter
Sponsoring, financial affairs, general dogsbody
Genox/Vantage/Calodox - Oliver Studer
Entertainment, sound, member of the bigscreen-team
Fred/Calodox - Frederic G. Roth
Corporate design, member of the bigscreen-team, PR
Joda - Gregor P. Favre
Network, location, power (and local hero in Winterthur)
CCP/U-S-A - Thomas Wyler
Fun competitions, print, merchandising, second general dogsbody
Pro/Nuance - Thomas Obermaier
Member of the bigscreen and competition team
Vynka - Simon Zeller
Power, network, third general dogsbody
Voodoo/Fake That - Toni Birrer
Party-web-system, fourth general dogsbody

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