Buenzli 15

(2006-04-09) need a breakpoint alternative?

Our Ukrainian friends organize a Computer Festival during the time of Breakpoint! If you can't come to Breakpoint, why don't you give this new party a try?

(2005-12-24) buenzli 15 announced

2006 will be a year of celebration! 2006, the 15th edition of Buenzli will take place. You as a die hard Buenzli visitor should already mark the following date in your schedule: 18-19-20 August 2006. Buenzli 15 will again take place in Winterthur - don't miss it! More information and the new website will be up early 2006!

(2005-10-14) the demoscene.tv report

Finally demoscene.tv released their Buenzli 14 Videoreport - an excellent coverage of the fabulous Buenzli 14 happenings, releases, special features and atmosphere. Download it from our afterparty page.

(2005-09-08) geekcamp

In support of other Swiss demoscene activism, we want to tell you that there is a small demoscene meeting planned this October! It's pretty special, taking place on top of a Swiss mountain, only reachable by a cablecar. Read more about Geekcamp II - it could be surprising you, so don't say we didn't warn you.

(2005-08-30) after the party

After being at Evoke, too, we finally managed to set up a proper afterparty page for you! It has plenty of stuff for you and just to name a few:

.. OHP Demo captures (thanks demoscene.tv)

.. Photos & Videos (thanks demoscene.tv)

.. Lost & Found

.. Results & Releases (thanks scene.org)

.. Reports

(2005-08-22) it was a blast

The party ended yesterday - after some cleanup all the organizers got home safely, and we hope all our visitors had a good journey too? I'm (Unlock) still suffering from some tiredness and already have to work again, so the After Party pages will appear just somewhen throughout this week. They will feature photo sets, results, downloads, lost&found (quite some stuff, again) and more. Check back often ;-) Thanks again to all our visitors and their the good feedback! We love you! (picture by demoscene.tv)

(2005-08-19) the party has started

The place has been setup, everything's running smooth. Now we're waiting for the people to arrive. We have a fast internet connection, so we'll be connected to the outer world. DTV broadcast will start tonight!

(2005-08-18) last minute

As a last minute information, here's the emergency phone number in case you're lost: 0041522024685 (valid from Friday noon). Remember to read our Switzerland checklist and don't forget to bring a power plug convertor and your own hubs and switches if needed! Latest information will come via SMS - subscribe to our free SMS channel. If you, for some reason, can't come to the party, watch us on DTV! Note that we offer a special short time ticket on Saturday evening: If you want to drop by at that time, just come and ask for the price at the entance desk. The organizers are now heading off to Winterthur to prepare this unique event for you ;-)

(2005-08-16) travelling & parking

By now, you might be planning your trip to Buenzli in to the details. Check out our travelling site, especially if you're coming by car: Find the adress of the location for your navigation system as well as information on parking your car.

(2005-08-10) keyboarder wanted

For our live act SOUNDBLASTORZ who will play on Saturday late afternoon (see the timetable) we're urgently looking for a keyboarder since their starting keyboard player unfortunately can not show up at Buenzli. Contact Unlock immediately if you think you could be the one suitable for this job!

(2005-08-10) catering & timetable

A bit more than one week before Buenzli 14 is going to be reality again, the homepage is has been updated with a timetable as well as information on the catering which will be available at the party place. The timetable features all planned events, so make sure you don't miss anything!

(2005-08-09) another silver sponsor

A new last minute sponsor, Wuethrich Versand, supplies us with a lot of small & nifty things that we are able to give out to you if you competition performance is good enough ;-)

(2005-07-26) competition pc graphics board now fixed

As previously mentioned, we are finally able to tell you which graphics card will be available in our competition pc (and with this, available in the special jury prize pc). It's a Nvidia QuadroFX 3400. The specs read as follows: Memory Interface: 256-bit, Memory Size: 256 MB, Memory Bandwidth: 28.8GB/sec., Fill Rate: 4.2 billion texels/sec., Triangles per Second: 117 Million. Doesn't sound bad, does it?

(2005-07-25) demoscene.tv buenzli coverage & internet uplink

The guys from demoscene.tv will be present at Buenzli again and bring you a full video coverage life to your home internet tv receiver if you can't come yourself. Tune in to the channel on demoscene.tv.
As required for the live broadcast, we will again have a full featured internet access at Buenzli, open to every visitor.

(2005-07-19) dkev bustrip from cologne to buenzli

After the big success in 2004 Digitale Kultur e.V. again organizes a bustrip to Buenzli. Starting point for the bustrip will be Cologne Main Station. The fare is 40 Euro for members, non members will have to pay 45 Euro (both incl. 7% VAT). Buenzli entrance fee is not included. Read more.

(2005-07-16) the buenzli 14 premium sponsor

It's not more than a month to Buenzli 14 - and finally we are very proud to present you our premium sponsor. With HP, the big player of the world computer market decided to support us. HP donates our competition pc which will be given away as a special jury prize for the overall best release at Buenzli 14! Read more.

(2005-07-12) the combined buenzli&evoke ticket

Two parties, two towns, two weekends. Buenzli and Evoke make it possible: Having two successive weekends of party. Winterthur and Köln, Switzerland and Germany, Buenzli and Evoke. Read more.

After two years of success, we decided to offer you the combined ticket again! Be sure to consider it, if you visit both parties.

(2005-07-12) procedural 4k graphics compo rules stated more precisely

If you're working on an entry for the 4k procedural graphics competition, have a look at the competition rules again, we've specified them a bit more clear, based on some feedback we got from you people out there.

(2005-07-06) update on the powerpoint compo rules

For everybody out there that is already working on a Powerpoint demo, check out the rules. We had to modify them a little bit. Not a big change, but still you should check it out.

(2005-07-05) google earth hype?

See Buenzli 14 in Google Earth: To download the placemark file, just click here.

(2005-07-02) competition rules

Do you want to contribute to Buenzli? Our competition rules are now finally online. Check them out! Also have a look at our new competition categories:

We will announce the competition machine specification in some day, so check back often if you rely on them.

(2005-07-01) sponsors update

We happily announce that severeal new sponsors and supporters are on board. MIGROS Kulturprozent supports the cultural aspects of Buenzli, while Sky Consulting is concerned about hardware and prizes. Solnet provides us with WLAN-equipment and Metalvotze supplies special prizes. Brack, being on board the second time, gives us vouchers from their online shop. And yet there's more to come!

If you want to support Buenzli either as a sponsor or as a supporter, don't hesitate to contact us or read the details! We search for private persons as supporters for the event!

(2005-06-20) payment details & sleeping facilities
We finally put up a site about the sleeping facilities at Buenzli. Also, if you plan to order something from the shop or prepay your entrance fee, check out our "How to pay"-site which now features the newly acquired IBAN code. Next up: Competitions rules and a major sponsors update!
(2005-04-02) buenzli at breakpoint

We discovered some photos from our advertisment event at Breakpoint! Check out the big ass cow which spreaded our flyers all over the party area! Thanks to CCP/Atlantis64 for being the Swiss cow. (Click the photo to enlarge it).

(2005-04-02) the invitation soundtrack: buenzli 14 hymn
On massive request, we bring you: Demoscene Activist by Malik Trey/Nuance, the soundtrack of the Buenzli 14 invitation demo. Enjoy and play it loud!
[~7mb; .ogg; 4:51min]
(2005-03-28) official buenzli 14 invitation released at breakpoint

Our friends from Nuance donated a lot of their time to Buenzli and released the official Buenzli 14 invitation at Breakpoint! Download this incredible piece of art from scene.org or comment it on pouet.net and wtach out for the final version! The demo is called Demoscene Activist and finished on the 6th rank (out of 28) in the pc demo competition at Breakpoint 2005.

(2005-03-27) new staff member

We can happily announce that the Buenzli organizing team got extended with a new staff member: Pro/Nuance was invited to join the team as a member of the beam and compo staff. Welcome!

(2005-03-13) register and shop open

You can now register for Buenzli 14 and buy our brand new, high quality Tshirt in our shop. Both action support us more than you think! There is a prepay-discount for Swiss people when registering for Buenzli 14!

(2005-02-27) buenzli propaganda offensive part 2

At the French Iradium05 party, Vantage released an inofficial invitation demo (code: ADR, design: Unlock, music: Dixan/MFX). This demo is the next step in the Buenzli propaganda offensive. Download it from scene.org and comment it on Pouet.

(2005-02-17) demoscene + buenzli @ digital salon: video report

From our demoscene presentation at the highschool for arts in Zurich, Triztan/Vantage did a high quality video report. You can download it from scene.org or the HGKZ-server (the movie is German).

(2005-02-05) tshirt size poll: results

During the last few days, a poll on scener's T-shirt-sizes has been hold. We would like to thank everybody who participated and we are now able order the upcoming Buenzli-T-shirts using a good size distribution.


Sceners wear (distribution):

(2005-01-13) demoscene + buenzli @ digital salon

Digitaler Salon is a art feature at the HGKZ, the highschool for arts in Zurich. Unlock & Robocop, together with Paralax, will be at the Digitaler Salon taking place on January 19., 2005 and present the demoscene and Buenzli to all the interested audience. More information can be found at the Digital Salon - website (German).

(2004-12-29) first buenzli invitation

At the awesome TUM*04-party in Germany, we released our first invitational production called »Three Cows Ahead«. The WiLD-demo got second in competition and was made by Triztan/Vantage. Download it from scene.org! [108.4 MB, DivX]

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