hp presents: jury prize

The Buenzli 14 premium sponsor HP donates a high end workstation pc to be used as competition machine and finally to be given away as a special jury prize to the audience. The prize will be given to the overall best release at Buenzli 14. A jury consisting of competent demomakers will decide on the winner.

the jury
The jury will be formed live at Buenzli 14, with people from all over europe and all over the different type and ideas of demomaking. It will consist of 7 people who will follow all competitions closely and also get the chance to view entries on the competition machine again and again.
the prizes
  • First prize: A high end workstation PC donated by HP*
  • Second prize: A high quality 19" TFT display


Specifications of the workstation PC

CPU/Board Intel P4 3.60 GHz/HT, 1MB L1 Cache
800Mhz FSB, Intel 925X Express Chipset
RAM 1GB ECC Dual Channel DDR2 RAM PC2-4300
GPU NVIDIA Quadro FX3400, PCIe
Every production that gets released for the first time at Buenzli will take part in the competition on the jury prize. Naturally, demos and intros have a higher chance to win over music tracks or still images. If you don't want your entry to compete, tell us in advance. The prizes will be given to the winners on Sunday, after Buenzli 14 has ended.
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