you want to sleep? your fault...
If you really think you'd have to sleep, we provide sleeping space with enough room for everyone. It's inside the building, so it's not too cold or too hot. Just bring your sleeping bag, and if you don't like the hard floor, bring some mattress. If you prefer a hotel or some other sleeping facility where you're on your own, check out our list.
hotel list

Winterthur has a few hotels and other sleeping facilities of which most are rather easy to reach from the partyplace:



  • Music Hotel Albani [ website ] [ map ] (CHF 100.- for a double room!)
  • Restaurant Hotel Hörnli [ email ] [ map ] (Phone: +41 52 2023062)
  • Hotel Loge *** [ website ] [ map ] (CHF 200.- for a double room)


Other sleeping facilities:

  • Guesthouse Riverside Inn [ map ] (CHF 51.- person/night; +41 52 2022688)
  • Löwengarten [ email ] [ map ] (< CHF 38.- person/night; +41 52 264848)
  • Camping Am Schützenweiher [ map ] (Phone: +41 52 2125260, far from bnz)

And if you prefer sleeping at the countryside (remember, Buenzli is in the middle of the city of Winterthur), you could try this: Abenteuer Stroh .

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