the buenzli timetable

While trying to find the optimal time table for the party, we encountered several difficulties to make sure the whole and fat stuffed program can take place. Select the events you'd like to attend - and just avoid the stuff you don't like. We've tried to find interesting things for everyone.

Please note : The timetable is subject to change! Check back here often to see what we're planning for you.


And by the way: At times when there's nothing special planned on the timetable, we have NON-STOP DEMOSHOWS AND ENTERTAINMENT RUNNING ALL THE TIME.

friday, 19 august 2005
17.00h Doors opening
19.00h Public announcement of the Surprise Competition topic
20.00h-21.00h Metalvotze finest 80s oldsk00l cuts
21.00h Opening Ceremony
22.00h-23.00h Live Act: Sputnik Booster and the Future Posers (GER)
23.00h-24.00h The Demoshow
saturday, 20 august 2005
00.00h Chillout night entertainment (Demoshows, music, ...)
11.00h Deadline: Graphics, Tracked Music, Streamed Music
12.00h Compo: Tracked Music
13.00h Deadline: OHP-Compo, Powerpoint Demo
13.00h Compo: OHP-Compo
14.00h Compo: Streamed Music
15.00h Deadline: Alternative Demo, 4k Intro, 4k Procedural Graphics
15.00h Compo: Fun Compo
16.00h Compo: Graphics
16.00h-18.00h Shower Hours
16.30h Compo: Powerpoint Demo
17.00h Deadline: Demo, Wild, 64k Intro
18.00h Compo: 4k Procedural Graphics
19.00h Deadline: Surprise Compo
19.00h Compo: Alternative Demo
19.30h Compo: Surprise Compo
19.45h Compo: Fun Compo II
20.30h Compo: 4k Intro
21.00h-22.00h Live Act: Soundblastorz (EU)
22.30h Compo: 64k Intro
23.00h Compo: Wild Demo
24.00h Compo: PC-Demo
sunday, 21 august 2005
01.00h Jury gathering: The jury special prize discussions
01.00h-02.00h Live Act: Live Act: Starfrosch (SUI)
02.00h Chillout night entertainment (Demoshows, music, ...)
08.00h Deadline: Voting Deadline
10.00h-12.00h Shower Hours
11.30h Prizegiving
13.00h Doors closing
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