buenzli 14 competitions
general rules

If you have any questions concerning our competitions, don't wait and get in contact with us! Ask for Pro or Unlock.


  • Every competitor must be present at the Buenzli. In case of a group-production, at least one member of the group must be present. Each attender may contribute with max. one entry for each compo.
  • If a competition has less than 3 entries, we might cancel it (or we will pool it together with another, suitable competition)
  • If there are too many entries in a category, we preserve us the right to do a preselection based on the subjective impression by a to-be-formed jury
  • Entries that violate Swiss law, heavy pornography, racism, etc. are not allowed and will be rejected and deleted without further notice.
  • When releasing something, please make sure you are not violating any third party rights (copyrighted stuff, etc)
  • Every entry will be released at scene.org and various other FTP sites, unless it was preselected /disqualified, or the competition was canceled
  • Voting will be public, except for the jury prize
  • The rules may be modified and/or extended by the Buenzli staff
the competition machine specifications
CPU/Board Intel P4 3.60 GHz/HT, 1MB L1 Cache
800Mhz FSB, Intel 925X Express Chipset
RAM 1GB ECC Dual Channel DDR2 RAM PC2-4300
GPU NVIDIA Quadro FX 3400, PCIe

Windows XP SP2, latest drivers and DirectX Runtime (from the Developer Redistributable; June05, 6/6/2005).

We don't accept any Java and .NET programs in any competition except for the demo competition. We will have a current JDK and .NET runtime installed - if you want to be sure your stuff works, supply it with your release.

you can win this machine! read here on how to do that
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