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Thanks to our sponsor Infomotion GmbH, we are able to offer you our news sent to you, just in time, by SMS. Read how to subscribe to this free service.


SUBSCRIBE for swiss mobile phones (Swisscom, Orange or Sunrise):
Use websubscription by clicking here or send a short message containing BUENZLI ON to the number 723 (free, works with all operators).


SUBSCRIBE for non-swiss mobile phones:
Send a short message containing BUENZLI ON to the Swiss phone number +41797186667 (free, works with all operators that have a roaming agreement with Swisscom).


Send a short message containing BUENZLI OFF to +41797186667 (non-Swiss mobile phone) or 723 (Swiss mobile phones, all operators) and you're immediatley getting unsubscribed from the news service. Alternativley, as a customer of a Swiss operator, you can use the unsubscribe function on the ChannelIndex from Infomotion GmbH.

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