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The following excerpt was taken from our Buenzli documentation that is sent out to potential sponsors. We think it does also fit the website, as a short information for everybody not familiar with Buenzli. The whole documentation (also in German) can be downloaded from our website in case you want to get all the information:


about buenzli in general


Buenzli is the name of an annually demoparty, an event of the demoscene, which takes place in Switzerland. Beside this, Buenzli is also the name of the society organizing that event. The name was selected as a kind of contrast against the collective bourgeousity in Switzerland.


The Buenzli series history

Up to 1992, there were only a few, not well organized, Demoparties in Switzerland. 1996, the first edition of Buenzli took place, back then still being hidden in some small scout houses. Also, there was only a small amount of visitors. After some time, the Buenzli events took place in Hotels and lasted for two days. After changing the location again (to the Don-Bosco-Saal in Beromünster and the Bierhübeli in Berne), the organizing team was forced to switch to Winterthur due to the raising rental fees in Berne. This was a very good decision: Since 2002, the attendance found new highs and the audience is far more international than in the beginning. Starting off from 20 visitors in 1996, there are now around 150 - 200 visitors every year.

See Buenzli in History.



The attendees are coming from various European countries as well as from overseas - and of course from Switzerland. Their interests focus on different sub-parts of the demoscene. Be it art and design, programming techniques, graphics, music or old computers like the C64 or Amiga - there is almost nothing you can not find at Buenzli. A lot of visitors show up every year again because they know that they will have a good time and meet a lot of friends.



The organizing tasks were improved every year and are on a professional level. The event receives attention by press and sponsors and with this, the appearance of the party got professional as well. In the demoscene, Buenzli enjoys good reputation and is known as a noble and high quality event in a great location. Many visitors do visit Buenzli because of the creative and motivating atmosphere and the good humor. The organizers do force this by providing a bar, multiple silver screens as well as a comfortable lounge.

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