buenzli 14 catering

Finessen Cathering will provide all visitors with quality food and drinks. The established selection of tasty food has now been extended by Pasta supply! You can buy food and drink all day long - and at night, there will be a special sandwich deliviery.

essen / food

Buenzli-Salat mit Hausdressing

CHF 5.00

Mixed salad

€ 3.50

Hot Dog

CHF 4.50

Hot dog

€ 3.00

Grosse Pizza (~30cm)

CHF 9.50

Large pizza (~30cm)

€ 6.50

Halbe Pizza

CHF 5.00

Half pizza

€ 3.50

Portion Pommes Frites

CHF 5.00

Portion french fries

€ 3.50

Sandwich (in der Nacht)

CHF 4.50

Sandwich (at night only)

€ 3.00

Pasta all Arabiata
CHF 6.00
Pasta all arabiata
€ 4.00
getränke / drinks

Coca Cola 5dl

CHF 3.00

Coke 5dl

€ 2.00

Eistee 5dl

CHF 3.00

Ice tea 5dl

€ 2.00

Mineralwasser 5dl

CHF 3.00

Mineral water 5dl

€ 2.00

Bier 3dl*

CHF 2.50

Beer 3dl*

€ 2.00

Bier 5dl*

CHF 4.00

Beer 5dl*

€ 3.00

Red Bull

CHF 3.50

Energy drink

€ 2.50


CHF 2.00


€ 1.50

*) Offenbier / Tap beer (no bottles)

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