after the party
Buenzli 14 was a blast! Thanks again, dear visitors and sponsors for making this event something unique! This is the after-the-party section, where we provide you with reports, photos, results and more!
results & releases

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reports & photos

If you've photos or reports, send a link to Unlock! The videos and ohp demo captures were made by They rock!!


videos photos
ohp demos text reports
  1. 1 Team Drifters - OHP World
  2. 2 5711 - Evoke Spacerace
  3. 3 Jumalauta - Schattenspiel
  4. 4 TMI - A Visual Disertation...
  5. 5 Atlantis - OHP Kong
  • The epic voyage blog, various text pieces by Jeenio and ps here and here
  • A report in the Swiss german newspaper "Tagesanzeiger" can be found here.


lost & found

As always, some stuff was lost at the party.. If some of these things belong to you, just drop Unlock an email, you can pick the stuff up in Bern (details on the stuff coming soon). We'll throw away all that stuff by the end of October.

  • A greyish jacket
  • A sleeping bag (greenish)
  • A matress/iso thing (dark grey)
  • A power adaptor (Dell or HP)
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